Thursday, 18 March 2010

WINS forwarding through DNS

This is a potentially very useful feature of DNS as it allows you to remove WINS server settings from individual member servers, and allow them to query WINS instead through DNS.

If you click on a DNS zone in the console, you'll see a WINS tab.
There you can enable the option to "Use WINS forward lookup" and then specify the WINS server to use.

What this does is creates a new record of type WINS lookup in the DNS zone.
DNS will always try and answer the query from its local DNS zones but if not can strip down the FQDN to just the hostname and then pass that request to a WINS server.
If WINS can answer the query it will pass the name and IP address to DNS, which then replies as if it came from it's own DNS database.

This also has the advantage of allowing Unix clients to indirectly read WINS databases.

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  1. Worth noting that if you do this, clients are no longer registering their records in WINS so you need to be sure that affected clients do not need to be resolved via WINS since their records will age.