Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Connecting to DNS on Server 2008 R2 from older OS's

Server 2008 R2 implements RPC integrity. This is not supported in the W2K and W2K3 versions of DNSMGMT.msc or DNSCMD.exe.
which suggests that only W2K8R2 machines can be managed from the same OS, and only W2K3 machines can be managed by older OS's.
Which is a pain.

I understand the following would "fix" Server 2008 R2, but by running this you are effectively exposing DNS to man in the middle attacks:
dnscmd.exe /Config /RpcProtocol 7
dnscmd.exe /Config /RpcAuthLevel 0 
I have not attempted this to be able to confirm that it works.

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