Friday, 3 January 2014

Installing Python and Pygame

I had a good couple of hours of frustration trying to get a combination of Python, Pygame and PyScripter to work together (I kept getting module not found for Pygame when importing it in PyScripter code).
So, here is what I had to do to get it to work:
  1. Install Python 3.3. This was the latest version at the time. Must make sure that this is the 32 bit version so that it installs in the 32bit part of the registry. Otherwise Pygame won't even find it. Ultimately the important thing here is to keep with 32 or 64bit versions of all 3 components and not mix and match because then you'll hit problems. No need to do anything other than a default installation.
  2. Installed pygame for version 3.3 from here This only seemed available as a 32bit installation. You need to match the versions of Python and Pygame (in this case 3.3). You should not need to change any parts of the installation - just Next all the way through.
  3. Install Pyscripter. Again, install the 32bit version since we installed 32bit Python.
So, no need to modify the PythonPath (which probably won't even show up as an environment variable for the computer).

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